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Tom Wright, The "For Everyone" Series Concludes!

The Rt Revd Prof Tom Wright 

Leading New Testament Scholar, Bishop of Durham, academic and clergyman, Professor Nicholas Thomas Wright PhD LHD MA(Oxon) is a leading voice in new testament theology and academia. His scholarly work spans the length and width of the New Testament, casting new and interesting questions over previous interpretations of the texts.
Considered an important figure in Christian literature but specifically by those of the open evangelical perspective, Wright is associated with the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus and the New Perspective of Paul. He argues that the current view of Jesus must connect strongly to the historical references of the man from 1st century Jewish and Christian texts.
Wright’s study of the New Testament has led to the writing and publication of many scholarly papers and codices but, more recently, he has turned his theological brilliance to literature for the masses. In 2004 SPCK and Westminster John Knox Press published the first book of a new series dubbed the “For Everyone series”. Since then, no less than 52 books have been published with the final 3 now only months from publication. (These book have been published under the author Tom Wright).
Wright has spent his entire adult life studying, compiling, re-translating and interpreting the New Testament into his completed work, The New Testament for Everyone. Unlike the other books within the For Everyone series, The New Testament for Everyone is a complete re-translation of the New Testament without any of the author’s usual commentary.
In addition to this excellent new translation, Wright has also written books for each chapter of the bible (his translation) with commentary based upon his views, ideals and experiences.
Since 2004 Wright has been working to complete his ‘For Everyone’ series and this September he is set to do so with the release of ‘Revelation for Everyone’, the final book of the series. Before this in August, ‘Early Christian Letters for Everyone’ will be published as well.

Revelation for Everyone
by Tom Wright
These final two books complete a truly epic work, exploring faith in a way never seen in literature before. These books are a must read for anyone, Christian, agnostic or simply someone interested in the theology behind Christian morals.

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