Monday, 25 July 2011

Changes Afoot,

Here at A Great Read, we are always trying to make the experience of our costumers as enjoyable as possible. Browsing and buying on our website should not be a drag but something to look forward to, like browsing the shelves of your local bookstore.

For this reason we are about to set in motion a raft of changes, updates and additions to our website. The changes are all due to be active by the start of September, just in time for all you early Christmas shoppers!

Some of the changes are cosmetic, large scrolling banners with the best new titles are a massive change for us. After receiving your feedback, we have also decided to move the categories to the left-hand column in a list form.

A new search bar will help you find exactly what you want quickly. This, in addition with a shortened checkout option, will massively reduce the time taken to buy your favourite titles from us in the future.

Even bigger than these things, is going international! That's right, after September you will be able to view our prices in £, $ & Euros! Not to mention we will be able to ship anywhere in the world!

This is a very exciting time here at A Great Read and we want you to share in the excitement. In the run up to our new websites launch we are launching a massive campaign for all you budding writers out there.

It is massively difficult to get published these days, what with the economic situation publishers are far less happy to take a risk on a new, un-tested author. In this, we want to give you a leg up. With over 30 years in the business, we here at A Great Read know a little something about books, our editor and manager David Wavre spent many years working for one of the UK's largest publishers!

What Do We Want?
We want you to write us a short story, or novel, or poetry book, to be honest, you can write what you want so long as it comes in the form of a book. We will then advertise, host and distribute your work as a free ebook!

The idea of this is that it gives you a chance to get your name and work known to A, the reading community, and B, the publishing world. You never know who could read and love your work!

This really ties in with another change we are looking forward to, ebook sales! That's right, we will be selling and, PUBLISHING full ebooks! If you prove to be popular in our free category, the option is always there to move into our paid category, this way you can even earn some cash from your work!

If this is something that interests you, drop me an email at to discuss your submission!