Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tom Wright for Christmas!

Here at A Great Read we are always looking for exciting new Christian literature to enhance people's day to day understanding of the bible. We firmly believe that Nicholas Thomas Wright, formerly Bishop of Durham and Tom Wright to many, has achieved this with his 'For Everyone Series".

The set consists of no less than 18 books examining every book of the New Testament in amazing detail. This set represents 8 years of Tom's writings and as such provide an amazing insight into his scholarly findings and his personal view on Christianity.

N. T. Wright at work in his office in Durham

We have been selling Tom's 'For Everyone' books since they first published and they have always sold amazingly well, appealing to all ages and many different branches of the Christian community and even for non-Christians seeking to better understand the message of the bible!

"These commentaries on the New Testament are furnished with Tom Wright's own fresh translation of the entire text. Each short passage is followed by a highly readable discussion, with background information, useful interpretation and explanation, and thoughts as to how it can be relevant to our lives today."
(Nick Gypps, A Great Read November Magazine ©2011)
 Our usual price for these excellent commentaries is £7.49 per book, reduced from an RRP of £9.99. However this year we are running a special deal on a set of all 18 books for just £125! That's a massive saving of £55!

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